Brandon is a friend of mine that goes to college out of state. He came back through town last week to visit friends and family and crashed at my house. I think Brandon is adorable and he knows as much. I always want to ask him to fool around but didn't have the balls to do it. I was up late on my computer and he fell asleep an hour or two before I decided to call it a night. I went in to check in on him and he was sleeping soundly on the bed and still fully dressed. I wanted to see if he was awake so I started rubbing his crotch. Brandon didn't even stir, so I pulled his shirt up and started playing with his nipple because I was certain this would wake him up. He didn't stir, so I went back down to the goods and started unbuttoning his pants. With Brandon's pants unbuttoned, I started to play with his cock through his underwear and still didn't get a response. At this point I assume he is awake and doesn't want me to stop. After playing with him through his underwear for a few minutes he woke with a smile on his face, which I took as an invite to go further by pulling his pants off. Now that he was awake, I went ahead and pulled his cock out of his briefs. Brandon is a perfectly smooth guy with a pair of shaved and silky balls and a beautiful cock. Throughout the hand job I'd hit the right spot and he'd get an adorable smile on his face. I must have been doing something right because as he was getting closer to cumming, he started to shift around a lot as I continuously hit his pleasure points. Brandon began getting really loud as I picked up the pace and brought him closer to ejaculation. That boy is a moaner! I kept jerking harder and harder until he came all over my hand, while still moaning! Now that we've broken the ice, I hope he comes back home again soon! If he does, I'll defiantly try to get more videos shot or Brandon and I.


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