Rained In
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It was raining outside all day long so not much to do so I decided to take out my camera and my horned up roommate was jerking off on the sofa so I gave him my camera because I wanted to see what it looked like to suck his cock. I flopped out my huge cock and got down on my knees and took his hard cock into my mouth and suck his cock. Bruno has a really nice cock and it was super hard and throbbing in my mouth. I stroked my cock as well and it really turned me on as I stroked and sucked his cock listening to him moan and groan. I don't know but there is something exciting that turns me on even more knowing that I am sucking my buds cock and being video taped. I know I was coming real close to coming so I stroked my cock as Bruno grabbed his cock and we both were stroking and watching each other wondering who was going to cum first but I couldn't control it any more and busted my load and Bruno came right after me with an impressive cum shot as we both moan and grunted pumping every drop of cum out of our cocks. I guess it wasn't such a bad day after all.

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