Aiden, Tyler, Neo And William
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Aiden, Tyler, William and Neo were all lying in bed watching a porno that I put in so that they could get in the mood. It wasn't long until they were rubbing those cocks inside their undies. That was a definite plus for me; I have a huge undies fetish if you don't know. I enjoyed watching them as they stroked their dicks inside their underwear. As the movie plays and the guys begin to touch their dicks in their briefs. Neo can't stop rubbing his hand up and down Aiden's leg. Aiden then rubs Neo's back while William begins to touch Tyler's thigh. Neo slowly rolls over to suck Aiden's cock as he slipped it through his underwear. William took Tyler's cock and began to suck it watching as Neo sucks on Aiden's cock. That really turned him on and he wanted his own dick to suck. Tyler just laid back and enjoyed that mouth on his dick and when Aiden turned to him he kissed him giving him some tongue before leaning back and enjoying more of what Tyler was doing to him. Neo and Aiden really got into the mood and turned to give each other's cock love in a sixty-nine position. Neo definitely knows how to suck cock and Aiden couldn't believe how great it felt. I noticed about that time that William had Tyler's cock in his mouth and was going up and down slow and easy just the way Tyler likes it. William stopped sucking that cock long enough to give Tyler a long sensual kiss and then went back to his cock sucking. In the meantime Aiden moved Neo around so that he can jerk and suck his cock. Neo really enjoys that and his cock is really throbbing and jumping in Aiden's capable hands. I saw a kinky streak in Aiden as he continued to stroke Neo's cock, but leaned over to lick Tyler's balls while William sucked his cocks. He went back to Neo's cock, but then Neo moved over next to Tyler. Aiden then went to work on Tyler's cock and William began to suck Neo's dick. It was nice seeing that Aiden had cock sucking skills and enjoyed jerking Tyler's meat as well. I would have to guess at this point that his jaws are pretty sore from all that cock sucking he did earlier. William however is a dynamo and he keeps sucking on Neo's cock like a demon. As Aiden and William played with those hard dicks Tyler and Neo started kissing. This was turning into a perfect boy on boy orgy and I couldn't wait to watch them explode in sticky cum explosions. It was while I was thinking that, when Neo climbed over William and started to jerk on his dick, as Tyler pinched and twisted his nipple. He was squirming all over and he pumped his cock in Neo's hands before he gushed out a huge cumload. Neo swapped him places and watched as Tyler strokes Aiden's cock. I loved how Tyler's hair points down to his cock. It is so sexy that Tyler can't help but stroke on Aiden's cock. Neo has his own dick in his hand and is stroking it as he returns Adien's kiss. Aiden continues to play with his own cock even though he gushed a load earlier. This was a very exciting foursome and I hope that you enjoy watching these boys gushing cum as much as I enjoyed filming them!

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