It was not supposed to turn out like this. Anthony and Mike went out to the clubs looking for girls the night before this video was shot. They both talked a big game, but neither got lucky. Or did they?  Neither is sure how they ended up in bed together.

Fortunately for us, they ended up in bed together and we get to watch what happens when they wake up. Anthony was the first to wake up. Ask him today and he will probably say not enough sleep, but Mike was there, Anthony was horny and everything was a bit too convenient. While Mike is waking up, Anthony starts rubbing him through his boxer briefs. He does not open his eyes and the rubbing feels good, so Mike starts squirming around as he enjoys the beginning of a great hand job. Anthony starts to pull down Mike's boxer briefs. At this point, I think Mike is well aware of what is going on, but he doesn't want the fun to stop. Before long, Anthony pulls Mike's boxer briefs all the way off. Anthony starts to give him a hand job and this is when Mike first peeks to see what is going on. Anthony starts to work his way down Mike's chest, kissing. He then starts to really get into giving Mike a hand job. Anthony keeps working on Mike's cock, while Mike lays there and enjoys it. It is only after a little while of Anthony jerking him off that Mike put his hand on Anthony's cock and starts to slowly jerk it.

Anthony is hovering over Mike and jerking him off while Mike returns the favor. Anthony then lies down next to Anthony and they jerk each other off. It's really cute when Anthony starts whispering in his friend's ear, but we will never know what is said. Whatever it was, it looked sweet. Mike is the first to cum, and he does it while Anthony has his hand wrapped around his cock. He doesn't make much noise when he cums, but he blows a huge load all over his stomach. Mike has thick and creamy cum. Next up to cum is Anthony and he is not a quiet about it. You can tell that he is trying to hold back as Mike jerks him off. He moans a lot because it feels so good. Mike sits up and continues to jerk Anthony off until he cums all over Mike's hand. He also has thick cum and it gathers on his cock and runs down to his balls. Mike keeps jerking Anthony off and it causes Anthony to giggle like a little girl. It is adorable and you have to watch the video to see what I mean.


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