Cameron And Michaels
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Bored while waiting for his best friend to get home from practice, Cameron starts snooping around his best friend's bedroom and comes across a magazine filled with hot guys. Cameron starts thumbing through the magazine and likes what he sees. He gets a semi and starts to feel his cock through his pants just as Michael is walking into the room. Cameron is horny and doesn't look guilty for being so. In fact, he gives Michael one of those come hither looks. Cameron stands up and Michael grabs his cock through his jeans. Cameron's hands go right to Michael's cock as well. They are feeling each other up when Michael lifts Cameron's shirt and rubs his stomach and plays with Cameron's treasure trail. Michael undoes Cameron's belt and pulls his pants down only to reveal that Cameron is wearing a jock strap. Cameron is that pretty -- yet jockey -- boy next door type who looks corn fed and isn't too thin or muscular. He is the epitome of boy next door and the kind of guy you imagine undressing when you spot him in the mall. Cameron lies down on the bed and Michael starts to massage him from the feet up. He pays close attention to Cameron's feet and if you are a foot lover and have made it this long without getting hard, you are now going to get instant wood. Still in his jockstrap, Michael pulls Cameron's soft cock out. I love soft cocks and Cameron has a beautiful one, as he is both a shower and a grower. It does not take Cameron long to get hard and in no time, Michael is giving him an amazing hand job. Cameron has big silky smooth balls that bounce when he is jerked off. Cameron starts to squirm as Michael gets him closer to climax. He really gets into it and makes more noise the closer he gets to cumming. With Michael still stroking him, Cameron cums all over his tight stomach. After he cums, Michael continues to play with Cameron's cock but Cameron is super sensitive and has a beaming smile across his face.

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