Dusty And Mario
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Dusty and Mario are two friends that have hooked up a few times before. Expecting to be told no, I asked them if I could film them hooking up. When they said yes, I grabbed my camera and told them to go for it. It starts with the two of them making out together on my sofa. You can tell from the way that they kiss that they have some physical history behind them. Dusty is the first to lose his clothes, ending up in his underwear while Mario kisses his body and rubs Dusty's cock through his briefs. Before long, Dusty's cock comes out and Mario is going down on him. Mario knows how to give a great blowjob and also knows how to use his tongue ring. He knows that a great blowjob not only entails sucking, but also licking and ball play. After a lot of oral, Mario focuses on giving Dusty and hand job. The hand job must have been amazing because Dusty kept arching his back and breathing heavily from the feeling of having Mario's hand wrapped around his hard dick. Dusty's breathing becomes more labored and within a few seconds he shoots his load of cum on his stomach and all over Mario's hand. Immediately, Dusty starts to return the favor by helping Mario out of his clothes. After making out with Mario and rubbing his cock, he starts to go down on Mario's already hard cock. Mario enjoys the blowjob and doesn't even try to be quiet as you can hear through his moans how much he likes having Dusty's lips wrapped around his cock. Mario has a big cock but Dusty knows how to handle it like a champ. Every once in awhile he pulled his lips off of Mario's dick and worked on his body. The blow job turned into a hand job, with Dusty working hard on Mario's cock in hopes of having a large load given to him. It didn't take too long until Dusty got that load as Mario came all over his stomach while Dusty jerked him off. These two boys sure do have chemistry; it's a shame they do not take it further.

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