Sean And Mario
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Sean and Mario where hanging out at my house when I suggested that they hookup together and let me record it. It has always seemed like they were into each other and when I suggested this and they so eagerly accepted my proposition, I knew the attraction was surely there. We went upstairs to the guest bedroom and Mario sat down on the futon. Sean wasted no time in getting down to business and quickly discovered that Mario was already semi-hard in his shorts ' talk about being excited and ready to go! Sean got Mario pants off and started going down on his cock. When watching him, you can tell that Sean really knows how to suck cock and the looks on Mario's face affirms as much. As Sean continued going down on him, Mario removed his shirt to reveal his perfect young body. While going to town on Mario's cock, Sean stopped for a moment to take his own shirt off. Before long, Sean was out of his pants as well and down to just his underwear. After taking his pants off, he jumped up on the futon with Mario and sucked him off for another minute or so before switching to giving him a hand job. Mario started getting close, told us he was going to cum and then shot a big load of cum up halfway up to his chest, which started to run down the side of him and onto the futon as well as all over his stomach and Sean's hand. I've seen a lot of guys cum, but few cum as hard and as much as Mario. As a way to torture him, Sean kept playing with Mario's cock after he came. That is always an intense feeling, but it gets to be too much after awhile. When it became too much for Mario the boys switched it up so that Mario could get Sean off. The first order of business for Mario was getting Sean's underwear off, which was quickly done. By now Sean was already semi-hard but he went from a semi to fully erect as soon as Mario took his cock into his mouth. Mario must have been doing a great job, because Sean was moaning throughout the blow-job. After blowing Sean awhile longer, Mario switched over to a hand job and jerked him off until he shot a big load all over his chest, stomach and Mario's hand. Naturally, Mario returned the favor by continuing to play with Sean's cock after he came; payback is a bitch. I told the boys the new rule is, that they cannot fool around unless I am filming it. Time will tell, but I am optimistic about getting more videos of these hotties.

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