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Ajay stays at my house a few nights a month. While I am usually a good boy when I have him over, the last time he stayed he came out of the bathroom in his super sex undies and I could not help myself. I asked Ajay if we could make a video of me giving him a hand job, which is my favorite thing to do. He was initially against my idea but warmed up to it a little while later. Ajay's darker complexion and thick, uncut cock drives me wild. I am not sure where he is from, but he reminds me of a sexy island boy. He keeps himself in great shape by going to the gym a few times a week. He is toned, but not muscular, which is exactly how I like my boys. He did not get immediately hard when I started playing with him, but I am happy for that, as I got to watch his foreskin run over his perfectly shaped head over and over again. It didnt take too long until Ajay was hard and boy does he has a beautiful cock when it is both soft and hard. I was jerking Ajay off in his underwear for four or five minutes until I slipped him out of them. I love the underwear, but I wanted to get to that perfectly smooth boy hole of his. One of the things that turn me on about him is that he is smooth from head to toe. Ajay was rubbing his chest just about the entire time I was jerking him off. I am glad he did not try to take over because I did not want to let go of his cock. I started jerking him harder and harder and he responded by getting louder and louder. He mostly stayed still while I was giving him his hand job but then he started squirming around on the bed as he started to get close to blowing his load. I made sure I was massaging his balls when he was about ready to cum, I finally got what I was waiting for. Ajay blew huge globs of thick white cum all over his stomach. I love darker boys, because the cum stands out and his cum was as white as it gets! I thought Ajay was done cumming but boy was I ever wrong. I am so glad I didnt let go of his cock as he gave me more and more cum. In fact, he gave me six globs of the creamiest and whitest cum I have ever seen. I cannot wait until the next time Ajay spends the night!

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