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Steven is a football jock that just graduated high school a few months ago. None of his teammates ever knew that he likes cock as he always kept that as his dirty little secret. He was held back a year in elementary school and started coming over my house after school three months after his 18th birthday. Since he is still wrestling with his sexual identity, when it comes to guys, Steven likes to have things done to him more than he likes doing them. This works out for me, as giving hand jobs is one of my favorite pastimes. Steven comes over to my house just about every week. He is naturally smooth from head to toe and is thickly built. He has boyish qualities about him, but he's also someone you wouldn't want to go up against as he is a big fella! He did not move around too much or make many noises when I started jerking him off. As he got harder and hornier, his hips started to move and he started to moan a little bit. He was really getting into the hand job this time around so I went ahead and did something I had never done before! I started playing with his hairless ass. He responded to my playing with his ass by getting louder and squirming even more. I took this as a good sign and slowly started inserting my finger into his ass. Steven really enjoyed having my finger in his ass and even started riding my finger. I predict he'll be a devout bottom in no time and I hope to be the one to take his virginity! I pulled my finger out of Steven's ass and started focusing on the hand job. I started to stroke his cock harder and faster because I really wanted to see him deliver a huge load of boy juice for me. I put my fingers back onto his ass right before he was about to cum. I knew this would make his orgasm bigger and boy was I right! Steven shot a ton of cum out of his boy cock and all over his smooth stomach. This particular hookup taught me that Steven is into trying new things. Now I am wondering how much more I can do with his ass the next time I see him.

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