Tyler And Ethan
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What can I say, I know the nastiest guys around. I met these guys online and you might have recognized Tyler from previous updates. I asked them if they wanted to get together for some after hours fun and they met me at a local hotel. Ethan went right to work on Tyler's pants and chest. He fondled him and played with that dick in his pants until it was hard and he had to get those shorts off. The bulge in those white undies was quite a sight to see. Tyler just lies back and enjoys the pleasure that Ethan is giving him. As I watched I wondered when Tyler would jump up and latch on to Ethan and as I was thinking that he did just that. He helped him out of his shirt and then bean to unbuckle his pants and stick his hand inside to play with his cock. He took it out quickly though to help him take off his jeans. Now I have the boys just where I want them in the room in just their undies. Tyler goes right to work on that cock and begins to nibble at it from outside his undies. He soon has them peeled down a bit and his mouth is sucking on that dick. Then he pushes Tyler over on the bed and begins to suck on his hard cock for real. He helps Ethan out of his undies and then Ethan helps Tyler out of his undies by licking and sucking on his dick as he squeezes his package from outside his undies. As Tyler begins to moan Ethan helps him out of his undies slowly, but surely as he gobbles that hard dick. Ethan soon kneels next to Tyler so that Tyler can suck on his dick as Ethan jerks on Tyler's meat. Tyler really looks like he is enjoying his dick as he continues to stuff it deep in his mouth over and over again. It isn't long until these two go into a sideways sixty-nine position where they can both suck and finger each other. Ethan soon takes over and moves where he is under Tyler's hot ass and begins to lick his balls and ass while he strokes on that cock. Then he is up and down moving and grooving that hard meat in and out of his mouth driving Tyler insane with excitement. This reminded me of one of my college days and I really got rock hard watching them and remembering the hot nights I spent at local hotels getting my cock sucked and jerked by fellow college dudes. After awhile the boys meet in the middle of the bed and Tyler begins to jerk both cocks at the same time, and as those two dicks rub against each other the boys moan even more. Then Ethan takes a turn and jerking off both cocks at the same time and they both begin to wiggle and squirm in delight. When they lie back on the bed and begin jerking each other I know that the end is near and I expect to see some huge geysers of cum shooting out of these dicks. It is Ethan that explodes first and he squirts his juice all over his stomach as Tyler jerks that cock. Then it is Tyler's turn to be jerked until he explodes his orgasm. Tyler fingers his ass a bit as Ethan jerks that meat and you can see in Tyler's eyes that he is close to exploding, and when he does he shoots all over Ethan's hand.

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