Tony has been crashing on my sofa ever since his boyfriend threw him out. I have always had a crush on him and he has expressed interest in me over the last few days. In fact, he said feel free to do whatever you want to me, whenever you want to do it.As I'd never turn that offer down! Tony was taking a nap and looking sexy. I decided that it was as good of a time as any to take him up on his offer. I went over and started taking his clothes off of him but he didn't wake up. Luckily, I already had permission to do whatever I wanted, so I just kept going. Tony has a toned and smooth body. He has longer hair that gives him that sexy surfer / bed head look. I've had a crush on the boy for as long as I can remember and was excited to be able to finally act out on that crush. He was still out and it was a little difficult getting his clothes off, but I finally succeeded. By this point, he was already hard and I wasted no time in pulling his hard cock out of his white briefs. I had always figured Tony was hung and still managed to be pleasantly surprised by the size of his cock. He also has big balls, which I treated as a bonus. I got the lube out to give him a proper hand job. I started stroking his cock from the head to the base after liberally covering it with lube. I could tell that he was really into the hand job because his cock not only stayed really hard, but it was throbbing in my hand the entire time. Tony caught me off guard because after about 10 minutes after stripping his clothes off of him he started to make noise. I knew that this meant that it wasn't going to be much longer until he gave me a big load of his baby batter. I kept jerking and Tony couldn't hold back anymore, blowing a huge load of cum all over his stomach. It was a ton of fun and I hope Tony doesn't end up getting back together with his boyfriend.


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