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Zack had a fight with his boyfriend and came to my house to spend some time. I told him that I would help him forget all about his boyfriend for a few hours. I had all kinds of crazy ideas churning in my head. When he got there I had him put on a blind fold and lay down on the bed with just his undies and shorts on. I began by pinching his nipples lightly then moved down to squeeze his cock and balls through his shorts and underwear. I teased his body playing with his nipples, his underarm hair and just getting him in the mood. I even had him smiling as I played with his cock. I finally pulled his shorts off and played with his toned body and began to slowly pull his undies down and around teasing him even more. I love foreskin so playing with his uncut cock was really fun for me. I took my time playing with that dick and making it hard. I got up and tied his wrist to the bed so he couldn't stop me and this is where he started to get nervous and I started to get hard. I then peeled off his undies and he was hard waiting for my attention as I put those undies under his nose and made him smell them. I began jerking on his dick and even let him have a peek as I jerked on his cock. It still wasn't fully hard and I couldn't wait to see that dick hard and throbbing. I decided then that it was time to get that cock hard and jerking and I put all my attention on that dick and began to jerk and stroke it like mad. When that cock got hard I tied his other wrist to the bed and he was grinning and wondering what I'd do to him next. Now I had him where I wanted and stroked, and jerked more on his cock as he thrust his pelvis up and tried to move his hands to help me jerk on his cock or maybe he wanted to grab at mine. It doesn't matter he couldn't do a damn thing. I put a leather cock ring around his balls and he moaned and that damn cock and ball sack was so huge that getting it around his cock and balls was fucking hard. I mean I had a hard time making it fit. Damn he has a big ass dick. Once I got it where I wanted it I took his blindfold off so he could see me jerking on his cock with his balls and cock in that cock ring. He was really getting into this and was smiling and trying to move his body, but he couldn't. That is what I love jerking on a cock when my guy can't move he can just lie back and enjoy. It is both frustrating and exciting for the boy at this point and just one look at Zack's face will tell you that. I continued to work that dick as he grips the sheets with his hands and begins to sweat. When he starts to call me Master my cock just jerks and he just explodes a huge monster cum load that is amazing. I really milked that cock and we both enjoyed it.

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