Kyle And Mike
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What can I say, I got the video tape rolling a bit after my friends Kyle and Mike snuck into another room to fuck around. I hadn't realized they had snuck out. I was busy getting myself a new drink. I guess I'm getting old. I did follow them and this is the video I captured once I got there. I was a bit shocked to see that Kyle was leaning back in his chair as Mike attacked his cock. I hadn't even thought Mike might be a little gay. I can say from the way Mike handled that zipper that this was more than likely a new experience for him. Kyle spotted me with the camera and gave me one of his shit eating grins. Mike attacked Kyle's cock with a vengeance once he got his pants and underwear off. Kyle wrapped his hand around Mike's hair and held on moaning as Mike sucked on his dick. When Mike realized I was filming he got a bit more nasty with that cock and began to suck and squeeze on Kyle's balls at the same time. Then he alternated stroking that big dick and sucking it as Kyle leaned back and enjoyed it. My god Kyle exploded fast and hard all over Mike's face. MY GOD that was a huge cum load and it just about covered Mike's face. Then it was Mike's turn to get a good cock sucking and Kyle is one of the best cock suckers that I know. I'm sure Mike will enjoy all of the attention that Kyle gives to his dick. Kyle alternates between jerking and sucking, but Mike tells him to suck it, and that is when Kyle grabs his dick and sucks it into his mouth doing his best to deep throat it all. Kyle teases Mike by jerking on his cock as he moves around licking and teasing Mike's body. Kyle is a master of teasing and he drives Mike crazy as he teases that dick over and over again. Mike continues to say how good it feels as Kyle sucks and jerks on his cock. He sucks that cock slow and then moves to strip it of flesh with speed. Mike can't hold out against all this teasing for long and he jerks and bucks his pelvis as he begins to explode his heavy load for Kyle. As he begins to explode he tells Kyle to jack it and Kyle does as he rubs his face against that dick cream. Now this was a great jerk session! I hope you all enjoyed it as much as I did taking it.

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