Diesal & Tyler
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Tyler makes my day over and over again. He knows that I love to capture boys stroking, jerking and sucking on each other, so he brings Diesal over to the house and gets him nude in my ruckus room. I think my eyes bout left their sockets when I saw the size of the meat that Diesal was packing. Holy fuck! Take a look at that thick, rock hard dick. Tyler has a hard time getting his mouth all the way around it so he can suck it while he jerks on it. At first Diesal looks uncomfortable with me and my camera there watching as Tyler sucks on his dick. Then he stops thinking about the camera and focuses on what Tyler is doing and he is in 7th heaven. Tyler is the king of deep throating and he shows Diesal exactly what he can do with his mouth, before he goes back to jerking and stroking on his dick. It doesn't take much of this jerking and stroking for Tyler to make Diesal so excited he is about to jump out of his skin and he is literally drooling all over his beard as Tyler begins to tease that cock as it cums hard. Now it is Diesal's turn to take over and give Tyler an amazing suck and jerk job. As Tyler takes off his undies he whacks Diesal in the head, it's a good thing that this boy doesn't mind or Tyler would be fucked out of a jerk and suck job. He sucks and jerks on Tyler's dick as he pumps his pelvis up to meet those strokes of pleasure. Diesal continues to stroke his cock, playing with his ballsack and making him hard as fuck. He continues to stroke and jerk that dick for all its worth until Tyler explodes his heavy load all over those hands of Diesals.

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