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Dexter is back with me, it seems he likes to be filmed while his cock is played with. That is ok with me, and I was happy to have him back to capture on camera once again. I just love playing with this boys cock in his white undies. It is a very wonderful feeling as his cock begins to get hard and I can feel it in his undies. As it begins to poke its way out of his underwear I pull them down and begin to jerk on that stiff cock. I then add some lube and begin to stroke and jerk on his cock as he moans his approval. You can tell by the look on his face that he is really enjoying how I am stroking his cock. I really think my hands were made for jerking on a stiff cock, just look how perfectly they fit around Dexter's hard cock. Dexter likes it to. He just leans back as I continue to stroke his cock, he pulls his leg up to work his pelvis as I stroke his cock, he actually begins to fuck my hand. I alternate between jerking on his entire cock and then just his head driving him insane. I really begin to stroke the shit out of that dick ad he is moaning like mad, I'm not sure how much of this he can handle. When I start using two hands on his cock he about explodes his load right there and then. He likes that two handed fisting so I continue to use two hands as he moans and states he is going to cum. He explodes his load all over his stomach, chest and it almost fills up his belly button.

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