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There are two things that I love about Jacob. One is that he is a horny young man, and that he loves kink. He loves the fact that I tape all of my handjobs, and I just found out that he is into light bondage. I had this young fetish pig, tied up with a hood over his head as I began my tour of his cock inside those white tight undies. He was moaning as I rubbed his cock lightly at first. I teased him until I was sure he was on edge and ready for more. That is when I finally took the hood off and allowed him to watch me as I stroked and fondled his dick. He seemed to like that, and I know I enjoyed it. I loved the fact he couldn't move an inch while I played with his cock. I worked his undies off and took his cock in my hand playing with it gently at first, and then I began to stroke a little harder with more pressure causing him to bite his lip from crying out. I could tell he wanted to use his hands and reach down to grab his cock, but couldn't. That is what makes bondage so much fun; you can drive a man insane by just teasing him until he pops. He finally gave up and leaned back. He was beginning to enjoy my hand as it ran up and down his cock, jerking on it making him moan out his pleasure. That cock soon grew huge under my talented hands and Jacob moaned again. I slipped a rubber dick over his hard cock and began to jerk his cock with that rubber and that drove him insane. I loved how the rubber made his cock flow as it was jerked back and forth in my hand. He told me he was about to cum and he pumped and jerked as he exploded his cum wad all over my hands and his hairy pubs. I milked that cock until he was dry and exhausted.

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