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Well I was in a kinky mood once more and I was in luck and found David in an online chat room about bondage and other kinky things. It didn't take much to get this live wire from an online scenario to my bedroom tied up and ready for action. What I didn't tell David was that I was shooting the video and a friend of mine would be working his sweet body over. I decided not to use a mask on David, he was already nervous and I wanted to see his eyes as his body was touched. At first he looked like a deer in the headlights. He loved how his body was touched lightly at first, and once the lube was on his cock he squirmed a bit and moaned. It was when his cock was smacked that he really jerked. He closed his eyes at that point and just moaned again. I was really enjoying this as he had his cock spanked and his dick jerked while being tied to the bed. I could see that he was wondering what would happen next. Would he have his cock spanked again, or more pleasurable sensations? That cock was jerked and stroked as his ballsack was fondled. He grew lax for a short time and then his dick was smacked again. This boy was getting edgy and as his ballsack was grabbed and squeezed he moaned again. He began to arch his back as his cock was jerked harder and his sack massaged. My guy grabbed more lube and a Fleshlight. That cock got rock hard inside that plastic tube as it was fucked and jerked. He was told to fuck that tube and that cock went to work plowing that Fleshlight hard. Then my guy alternated between that Fleshlight and his hand making that cock rock hard, throbbing, and ready to cum. He didn't even need any more prompting at this point to fuck that plastic sextoy. The toy was put away as David began to moan hard and his cock jerked. Then as his ass was toyed and his cock jerked he exploded a huge cum load all over everything.

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