Ricardo & Glacias
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I am the luckiest guy on the planet, I know because some of you have all written me and told me how much you love what I do, and asked for pointers on how to get guys to drop by and play or let me play with them. I lucked out last night. I had just spent sometime online in some chat rooms and found two hot guys that were interested in trying something new. They jumped on the chance to head out to my house and get busy in my spare room while I shot the action. Ricardo was on Glacias like white on rice as soon as they both laid down in bed, and pretended to nap. Glacias didn't have a problem with that, in fact, he moved around so that Ricardo had a vantage point to grab his dick in his underwear and squeeze and fondle. It didn't take him long to yank those briefs down and begin to really jerk and play with that hard dick of Ricardo's. He begins to jerk that big dick and he is so into what he is doing that he can't stop, he liked the look of that cock so much that he couldn't keep his mouth from sucking on it as well. It is no wonder that he exploded a geyser of cum from all that jerking and sucking. Then it was Ricardo's turn to have his cock licked and sucked by horny Glacias. Glacias is no stranger to sucking and jerking on cock, you can see that from how he grabs that dick of Ricardo's and goes to town. He jerks that cock hard and strokes the fuck out of it as Ricardo moans and closes his eyes in pleasure. I can see that it won't take Ricardo long to explode his jizz for Glacias. I was right he soon shot out a power shot of cum and spattered his chest and Glacias.

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