Jarrett Fox
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I love those surfer boy types, the bleach blond hair, tight chest and hairy well developed legs. Jarret is that type of guy, and he is a true beach bum. He doesn't like to work much instead he hangs out at the college pretending to be a student, but in reality he is just sizing up the other hot guys. I ran into him at the bookstore and asked his advice on a book for health. He looked me over and took me around to where all the health books were stored. We began talking and of course being the smooth talker that I am, I soon had him ready to come home with me and let me do what I do best, jerk on his dick. I had him in bed and rubbing my hands over his body within moments. He has really soft skin so I spent a bit more time enjoying touching him than normal, but I soon had his shorts unzipped my hand inside stroking on that dick in his undies. He took his shorts off for me and I continued to stroke his cock in his tight boxer briefs. It didn't take him long to sprout wood. I soon found out his nice skin was not the only attribute that Jarret had. His cock was nice and it felt so good in my hand as I began to milk him. I began to fuck that cock with my hand using my special techniques and it was nice to see that dick getting fat and hard from my hard work. He shifted around a bit and I could tell that he was really enjoying what I was doing to his cock. That cock was huge by the time I was done with it, that was a beefstick that anyone would be amazed and impressed by. I loved how it looked as I jerked on it and played with his ball sack. I really had to work hard to milk this monster cock, but I did it and I drained every drop out of his hard meat. Just wait until you watch it squirt that milk all over the place.

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