James, Evan and Zakk (part 2)
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James, Evan and Zakk (part 2)

Zakk is the filipino looking, Evan is the twink looking and James the frat dude. After Zakk cums hard it is time to make someone else cum hard. That someone is James. James is thrilled to be next and he begins to French kiss twink cutie Evan. Evan tangles tongues with the hard bodied James until he is rock hard. While they are kissing Zakk attacks that hard dick and begins to gobble it down like mad. While Zakk sucks on that hard dick Evan reaches down to rub and stroke that cock. He soon slips down to lick that dick together. They don't mind sharing that cock in fact they help each other with gobbling that dick. Then Zakk moves up to kiss and tease James with his hands and mouth while Evan continues to suck on that hard dick. Evan does an excellent job teasing that hard cock and he slowly bobs up and down on that dick making James grit his teeth and chew on his lip. Then he stops and goes back to kissing James while Zakk began to jerk on that woody. They each take turns stroking and jerking that dick while James leans back and moans his pleasure to the two hard working guys. Evan is beginning to work himself up as he continues to fondle and touch James all over his body while he watches Zakk jerk on that dick as he explodes his cum geyser. Now it is cutie Evans turn to have his body and dick rocked by Zakk and James. He has been waiting for this all day. It is Zakk that goes after that dick first gobbling and sucking that hard dick. He finally lets James have a taste of Evan's cock. These boys really want to make Evan feel good so they share that cock and his balls at the same time making his dick rock hard and ready to explode its milky goodness. They take turns and it isn't long until they do exactly that. Evan explodes his white goo all over these two horny dudes.

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