Keith And Ryan
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Once again I was thinking and I wondered what would happen if I put two horny boys into a room with a boatload of porn. I bet we all know the answer to that, but it was sure fun finding out in my own unique way. I rang up Keith and he was up for the challenge and he brought Ryan along for the fun. I put them in the extra room with a TV and I had a porn DVD already in and playing before I sat them down. I then grabbed my own camera and began to tape. It was fun watching as Keith and Ryan tried to contain themselves as the movie played on. It didn't take them long to grab themselves and begin to rub their jeans and cocks. Keith soon had his hands on Ryan's meat rubbing and caressing it through his jeans as Ryan moans. Ryan slips his own hand over to Keith's crotch and returns the favor. It isn't long until Keith is helping Ryan out of his pants and grabbing onto his hardening cock with his hands and mouth. Keith went to work on Ryan's hard dick like a man on fire. He gobbled It and jerked on it taking turns with his mouth, tongue, and hand until Ryan was flopping around like a fish out of water. He has Ryan on the futon all laid out as he begins to really jerk and suck on his hard stick. It doesn't take much at this point for Ryan to erupt his big hot jizz explosion all over Keith's hands and Ryan's stomach. That is what happens when you introduce porn to horny boys.

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