Keith And Ryan
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Now it's Keith's turn to enjoy some quality time with Ryan. Keith lies back and lets Ryan take off his pants showing off his boxer shorts that hide his hardening cock within. I don't think the porn DVD was even looked at after Ryan had exploded his jizz cream. It didn't take Ryan long to suck that dick into his mouth and have Kevin lying there moaning in pleasure. Once he got that cock into his mouth he didn't want to let go. It was great watching the cock sucking skills that Ryan had. I think Keith was shocked and pleased as well. He began to touch Ryan as his hips involuntarily thrust his cock deeper into Ryan's mouth. He answers Ryan's question of if he likes what he is doing with a mumbled mmm hmmm that is so erotic that it sets Ryan into a frenzy of cock sucking. Keith is so horny he is really moving his body thrusting his cock into Ryan's mouth giving him all of his hard meat. You can tell that Keith is barely holding on as Ryan takes a few moments to jerk on his cock before gobbling it back up with his mouth. Keith begins to moan Yeah over and over as his cock begins to tremble and jerk. He moans loudly that he is going to cum and explodes his cock milk all over Ryan's hand and his stomach.

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