Tony And Mr Hand
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It isn't what you think this guy is really Mr. Hand and he is going to have some fun with my buddy Tony. Mr. Hand is a close friend who doesn't want his real name known, so we will continue to call him Mr. Hand. He knows all about my little fetish of playing with young cute studs and although he is straight he became really interested. I offered him a chance to try it out for himself, and after months of listening to my stories he decided to try it out. I called up Tony one of my kinky friends and he came over to give Mr. Hand true hands on experience of his own. Tony is a cute blond with nice abs and a great personality. He was pretty laid back when Mr. Hand showed up nervous and a bit nervous. Tony did his best with smiles and body language to make him more comfortable. It didn't take him to long though to pull off Tony's pants and begin to rub his cock in his green undies. He rubs and licks at his cock in those undies and he pulls them off continuing to suck and play with that hardening dick. Mr. Hand soon has Tony's entire cock in his mouth and he begins to bob up and down on that fucking stick deep throating it like a mad man. I think he is hiding in the closet after watching him work that dick. He takes it out and jerks on it a bit making the cock pulsate with need and Tony moans out his pleasure as Mr. Hand goes back to sucking his hard shaft. Mr. Hand continues to jerk on that cock talking to Tony asking him if it feels good and making him crazy with need. You can tell by this time that Mr. Hand is no stranger to jerking on a stiff dick. He holds that dick straight and orders Tony to fuck his hand and he does moaning as he does. Then Mr. Hand goes back to jerking and stroking that dick while Tony watches him. He continues to jerk on that dick making Tony moan and jerk his legs and pelvis until he explodes that rich dick cream all over Mr. Hand and his tight toned stomach.

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