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This is Jordan; he is a cute co-ed that was low on cash. My perfect guy! I offered him a few dollars to come in and play with his cock for me. I told him that I might even get involved as well and for the cash he was willing to come back to my apartment and hang out with me. I got him all set in the extra bedroom on the bed, put in some straight porn and watched him slowly begin to play with his body, and show off his amazing body. That tattoo on his chest was really hot. As I watched him jerking on his cock I couldn't help myself and got involved. I began to jerk on his meat as he leaned back and relaxed. I could tell he really loved what I was doing by how he began to suck his breath in and out moaning while I jerked. He loved how I stroked his cock gently and then tugged a bit harder. His cock reacted to my touch by throbbing and reaching for a vibrator. He took that vibrator and stuffed it deep into his ass while I jerked on his cock. He loved all the sensual feelings that my hand and that vibrator did to his body. I can tell that Jordan has some superior toying talent. I swapped jobs with Jordan and let him jerk on his cock for awhile as I toy his ass. That really turned him on he knew how his cock liked to be jerked, and he really jerked that meat while he moaned and held his stomach. I knew it wouldn't take him long before he jerked and exploded his hard cock all over both of us. When he blew it was a geyser of cum and it just coated us both down with jizz.

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