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Sean is a porn star that took a small break from shooting gay porn and he is back and with us first. We are welcoming him back and he is now 23 years old. He hasn't been around for awhile, but now that he is back he is ready to shoot and we are looking forward to seeing that. He hasn't ever seen our site. He hasn't ever been jerked off before, so this is a new experience for him. He stripped down while we waited for Eddie to arrive and found out that he is wearing Hanes under blue underwear. He took those off and showed off his cock that he tells us grows to be 8.5 inches. He is the masturbator and he has a certificate to prove it. We discussed his style and technique. He is married now and he hopes that his wife doesn't find out or she will rip his head off. Eddie arrives and he forgot the lube, so we had to go and get some. Eddie has the lube and then gives some to Sean who soaks his cock down with lube so it is easy to stroke that big beef. Eddie almost had to wrestle Sean for his cock so that he could do the work. Sean didn't want to let go of his own dick. Once Eddie got that cock in his hands he went to work stroking and jerking as Sean told us how good it feels to have someone else jerking on his meat. I think Eddie shocked Sean with his excellent hand jerking techniques, but Eddie has thousands of hours logged in to stroking cocks and it shows. It doesn't take Eddie long to make cum explode out of Sean's hard cock. After this performance we discuss bringing him back and tying him up for a bondage jerk off scene.

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