Sean Part 2
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Sean is back again, we had mentioned that we were going to possibly tie him down when he came back, so it isn't a surprise that you'll see Sean strapped down in this update to Boy Gusher. We even have some toys and surprises to make him even more insane as we jerk on him tied down. Mr. Hand straps him down as he becomes more nervous and then takes off his pants. We start right away with Mr. Hand using a vibrator on his cock while it's still in his underwear. He says it feels good, but using it on his nipples makes him ticklish. I wonder what he will say later on when he can't touch his dick while we jerk on it. He tries to grab at the vibrator, but he can't because he is bound. He then has his undies taken off and Mr. Hand smacks that dick around making Sean bounce around and moan and hop as his cock is smacked around. He then uses the vibrator on his dick again making him semi soft and beginning once again to get hard. He begins to stroke his cock as he plays with his ballsack making Sean rock hard, but you can see he is waiting for Mr. Hand to smack him or do something else to make him wiggle, jiggle, and cry out. When Mr. Hand pulls out the Fleshlight, he is pretty damn happy, he knows that this will feel good and as soon as that Fleshlight is put on his cock he begins to moan in pleasure. Sean is really enjoying that. We teased Sean a bit with the rubber dildo, but we didn't really use it instead we continued to jerk his dick with the Fleshlight and hand action until he was moving his arms around trying to reach his cock and jerk on it. Which really frustrated Sean, but it didn't stop him from moaning and enjoying the action. When he finally came Sean exploded his hot jizz and was exhausted from the strain of fighting his bonds while enjoying his jerk off session.

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