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Mr. Hand says howdy to Kenni. Kenni is bi-sexual and plays a reverse role during sex. He is 21 and stats that he has never had anyone jerk him off until he came, he also stated that he has had blow-jobs before, but never until he came before. This should be a new experience for Kenni. Mr. Hand had him remove some of his clothing until just his white undies were left. As he fondled his cock they talked about Kenni's masturbation habits. He likes to jerk on his cock at least 3 times a day. Kenni has a nice smooth body without a lot of hair and he admits his cock gets to be about 7.5 inches when it is hard. They laughed about Mr. Hand being a creepy old man as he began to jerk on that cock in earnest. Mr. Hand didn't want Kenni to cum to fast, and Kenni assures him that he won't. I'm betting with those three times a day that he masturbates that he won't cum too fast for Mr. Hand. This is a pretty fun update since Kenni and Mr. Hand talk a lot. Mr. Hand continues to stroke on Kenni's hard cock while Kenni watches him moaning and groaning. He takes his time driving Kenni to the brink of ecstasy.

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