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Today we have Ryan back with us if you remember he is a 24 year old cutie. He was here before with Keith, and we brought him back to give him a new sexual experience. He has never been tied up before, so we thought we would change that for him. I had him strip down and then I tied him up by using the restraints. I think Ryan was a bit on edge considering that he had never gotten restrained before. I pulled his shirt up around his neck and reminded him I could do anything I wanted with his nipples and cock and he couldnt stop me. I teased his nipples a bit and heard him groan before moving to his cock hidden inside his white undies. I pulled that cock out from the side and began to jerk and stroke it making it bulge and stiffen within a few jerks. It didnt take long for him to moan even more as I continued to stroke him and his being unable to help or stop me. I had Ryan's cock red, throbbing, and pulsating as he moaned with every move of my wrist. With all this excitement Ryan couldn't help himself and came hard covering us both with liquid fire.

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