Cameron Pt 2
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Welcome back to BoyGusher! Today we have Cameron with us again! As you know he is 28 and damn he looks fine for his age. We are changing things up with him today and are going to not only jerk him off, but tie him up a bit and tease him. This should be a fun update. We start out a bit differently today and Mr. Hand begins to finger and touch Cameron's tight little ass. It doesn't take us long to get out the lube and a rubber dildo. Yes, you guessed it we are soon pushing that rubber dildo slicked down with lube into his ass. Mr. Hand then reaches around and grabs his dick as he continues to push that dick in and out of his tight ass. We then find out that Cameron is usually a top. After we toy his ass and have him moaning we bring out the cuffs and tie him to the bed. Although this is all new to him he took it good naturedly and smiled as Mr. Hand snapped the cuffs on him. Then we blindfolded him and told him that it's not true that what you can't see can't hurt you so he is a bit on edge as Mr. Hand takes his dick and begins to jerk on it. As he is jerking on it Mr. Hand puts nipple plugs on his nipples and that makes him moan out loud as his cock is jerked some more. It isn't long until Mr. Hand slips in a vibrator spreading that tight ass and making his prostate vibrate. Once he has that vibrating dildo deep inside Cameron's tight ass he begins to jerk on his cock again making him moan and groan. Mr. Hand swaps out dildos, but he continues to toy Cameron's ass and make him moan with pleasure. Mr. Hand rocks Cameron's world and he gushes a huge geyser of cock milk as he continues to moan with pleasure. He really was dazed and pleased by this bondage scene I think we might have changed his whole sexual world.

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