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Welcome back to BoyGusher! Today we have Chase Fox in the house. He is a straight guy that loves green so he comes in for the cash of course. He states he has been jerked off before, but has never cum and we are hoping to change that scenario for him. I introduced him to Mr. Hand and things began to get hot. Chase stripped down as I chatted with him and Mr. Hand began to drool a bit as he waited to get his hands on this fox. He took his time playing with Chase�s dick inside his undies making him throb and bulge as that cock began to get rock hard. Mr. Hand then pulls out a vibrator and drives him nuts making him moan and groan in pleasure and pain. He then lubes up that big cock and strokes it making Chase moan some more. I then point out the Fleshlight and he states he has never used one of those before. Mr. Hand gets him on his knees and has him fuck that light like he pounds his girlfriend and Chase immediately states that he really likes the Fleshlight. He then really tears into that toy banging it like mad and moaning like crazy. Mr. Hand then tells him to stop having so much fun and has him on his back again his cock back in those talented hands. I know that Mr. Hand ill have Chase cumming hard within a matter of moments after reclaiming that dick again. I wasn't mistaken Mr. Hand has Chase cumming hard for the first time during a jerk off session ever.

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