Diesal & Phillip Pt 2
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Welcome back to BoyGusher! In this update we have Diesal & Phillip again and in this update we have Phillip who likes to be called Phil jerking and playing with Diesal's cock. We call Diesal gigantor and you'll see why soon. This was Phil's first time with a cock of any sort and he starts out slow I had to even tell him to play with that cock in the undies before putting lube on. Once we get that monster dick out and hard though Phil goes for the lube super fast. He seems to be stuck on using one hand to jerk on that gigantic cock, and I had to tell him to try the other hand so he switched it and began jerking with the other hand. He seems to be doing a pretty good job Diesal isn't complaining, in fact he is moaning a bit as that hand jerks his big joint. Phil has such a great body that is hard not to focus on his abs as he breaths while jerking on Diesal, but Diesal's big cock takes the stage as well. Phil keeps plodding away jerking that big cock until a huge and I mean huge geyser of cum explodes out of that big cock. He literally soaks the sheets with that huge amount of cum. Phil says jerking off Diesal wasn't too bad and when I mentioned him sucking cock he says maybe with a lot of hesitation so perhaps we can get him to suck cock someday soon.

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