James Cobler
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Welcome back to BoyGusher! In this update we have with us James Cobler. James is not unfamiliar to the porn scene he has done some other work for us before on another site. He is straight and has only done oral before. He wants to do the gay for pay scene and see how far he can and will go. I had him strip down and he showed off his colorful undies. I put in some porn for him to watch as we waited for Mr. Hand to stop in. He had no problem playing with his cock inside his colorful undies. Mr. Hand arrived and he lets him take control over his undies. It isn't long until he has his undies off of him working his soft meat getting it hard. James seems to love to talk as Mr. Hand makes his cock go from soft to rigid and throbbing heart in moments. James says that he feels like he is at a spa and his cock is getting all the attention. Mr. Hand tells him that he is known for his jerk jobs and I'm thinking that he might not now, but he will when Mr. Hand is done. Mr. Hand grabs the dildo and shows it to James. He seems a bit nervous, but he is the one that told us that his girlfriends had played with his ass. He states it is different on camera. He also stated that it was different when his girlfriend does it, but we have our own ways here at BoyGusher. We took our time toying his ass as we jerked his meat making his cock drip pre-cum. He moaned and enjoyed the ass play, but we had other things on our mind and took it out to jerk on his hard cock until he explodes his sweet sticky juice.

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