David & Eric
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Welcome back to BoyGusher! In this update we find a horny young man taking a break outside on the patio of his vacation home. He is looking out at the lake and he sees a hot looking dude walking around the edge and squeezing his package inside his jeans. This turns on David on the patio. It doesn't take him very long to go out and say hi to the new guy and bring him home. He ushers him into the house before they both rip their jeans apart with those rigid hard-ons. David makes the first moves and his lips do his talking as he traces his way along Eric's hard toned body. Eric is enjoying the lip service and his cock just gets harder and harder in his boxers. David can't wait any longer and moves to suck on that hard dick. He pulls it out of the boxers and shoves it into his mouth. He does a great job deep throating that meat and turning Eric on. Now it is Eric's turn to give David a hot warm tongue bath as he strokes David's cock. Eric really gives that a cock a firm sucking. Eric can't seem to let go of David's hard dick and continues to jerk on it even after his mouth has finished licking and sucking on it. You can see that Eric has one thing in mind and that is to make David explode a huge wet jizz bomb. With that hot energy it doesn't take long before David is cumming hard. David isn't done he rolls over and grabs Eric's dick jerking and stroking his hard meat until Eric too is exploding his thick jizz all over Eric's hand.

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