Shane Stone
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Welcome back to BoyGusher! Today's update features a hottie named Shane Stone. Shane isn't much of a talker, but he more than makes up for that with his sweet toned body. Shane thought he was alone in our spare room, he didn't know we had the spy cam set up. He didn't have a problem stripping down quickly and grabbing his dick alone in that room. He had his cock in his hand and the lube in his other quickly and began to jerk on his meat as our cameras rolled catching him in the act on the couch/bed in the spare bedroom. He must jerk off a lot because he was moaning almost as soon as his hand began to stroke his meaty dick. He pulled, jerked, and stroked his cock moaning and really enjoying his handy work. Just watch his facial expressions and you can see that this was a truly enjoyable experience for him. His cock really got thick and big after he jerked on it and that is the type of cock that we really enjoy isn't it. When he cums it's a jizz geyser that soaks his hand and his gorgeous stomach.

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