Justin & Jordan
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Welcome back to BoyGusher! We have Justin and Jordan on camera today! Once again we didn't get a chance for an interview these two horn dogs were on each other sharing tongues and dry humping each other before we even had a chance to get situated. Jordan is the hornier of the two and climbs on board Justin to touch his body and lick his lips, but to our surprise Justin flips Jordan over and begins to strip him down to his undies. He then lets Jordan help him undress showing off his neon green undies.They then take turns licking each other's body, but once again Justin takes over working on Jordan's dick his tongue and mouth making Jordan smile. It isn't long until he has him rock hard which gives Justin even more incentive to continue his sucking and jerking.You can see in Jordan's eyes how talented Justin's sucking and jerking technique is. He doesn't say much, I think he was camera shy, but from his expressions we know he is enjoying every moment of it right up to where he is pumping Justin's hand and moaning loudly as he cums hard in a huge boy gusher.

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