Niko & Ricardo
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Welcome back to BoyGusher! Niko & Ricardo are on sexual fire today! It seems lately that every guy/s that comes to visit us are so horny that they just want to get into the "meat" of things. We don't have a problem with that it really turns us on and I bet it turns you on as well. We caught these two guys in our spare bedroom it wasn't even planned. Niko was taking a nap fondling himself when Ricardo stops in catches him in the act and helps him to get his cock rock hard in his undies. He can't seem to stop touching and fondling Niko, and Niko isn't minding. He lies back as Ricardo kisses him working his hands again into his white undies. Ricardo doesn't even get those undies off before grabbing his dick and swallowing it whole. He relents for a moment and lets Niko take off his undies so that he can get better access to that swelling sweet meat. Niko begins to touch and feel Ricardo as well. Niko then helps Ricardo take off his jeans so he can play with his cock in his undies. These boys just go nuts and it is so hot! They climb on top of each other, share cock swaps and then Niko goes after Ricardo's dick stroking and sucking it making him hard and ready to fuck anything that moves. Niko then lies back as Ricardo takes that hard dick and stuffs it into his ass making him moan with pleasure. Ricardo really takes his time enjoying each stroke of his cock inside Niko's hot little ass. After he bounds that ass Niko takes that cock and sucks it as Ricardo jerks it making it explode its sticky cum geyser all over his face in big thick globs. With all that cum on his face Niko jerks his own meat until he explodes his boy gusher up and all over Ricardo's hot ass.

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