Jesse & Brandon
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In this update we find horny Jesse hanging out in his bedroom a porn mag open and his hands in his pants stroking and jerking on his cock. I guess he is wondering if his cock can rise to the occasion like some of those dicks he sees in this porno. He has nothing to worry about as his dick gets rock hard from his jerking. That is when Brandon enters and catches Jesse in the act. Instead of making fun of him he joins in the fun kissing him and his cock. As they kiss they begin to strip each other so that they can get to each other's bodies easier. Brandon goes after Jesse's dick kissing and sucking it as his own pants are unbuttoned and pulled down exposing his Diesel undies and the hardening package inside. It isn't long until both boys are naked their throbbing cocks demanding attention. Jesse takes his time teasing Jesses cock with his tongue and mouth as he jerks on him. He sits up and feeds his own cock deep into Brandon's mouth giving him a taste of what he has to offer. Brandon doesn't seem to mind he opens up wide and strokes Jesses balls as he sucks his meet deep into his mouth. Brandon moves between Jesses legs and shocks him by pushing him up and attacking his balls an ass rimming him and driving him insane with need. He has him pounding air looking for a hot hole to fill. The tables are turned though and Brandon fills Jesse's ass with hard cock. Jesse rolls around and is riding that cock like a cowboy as Brandon pumps the shit out of his cock and strokes his meat. Then its Brandon's turn to have his ass rimmed by Jesse. Jesse is a wild maniac and grabs Brandon's hair to really punish him as he fucks that hot ass of his. He then flips him around riding him missionary style and continues to fuck that ass while Brandon jerks his own stiff rod until they take turns exploding hot jizz loads.

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