Kevin & Mark
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We put ads into the local newspapers and college flyers and we get the greatest guys around from them. Today Kevin and Mark answered our ads. They are both straight boys and they met through their girlfriends. They double date and hang out, but have never gotten down and dirty with each other or their girlfriends. That is what makes this update so exciting!We popped in a video and told them to do what came natural and this is what we captured on tape. Mark was the first one to strip naked as he stroked on his hard dick. It took Kevin a bit longer to pull off his shorts and show us his toned body. Kevin has one of those solid tight bodies and it looks like he has a total tan which was really nice to see. After they stroked their cocks and watched the video I put in Kevin asks Mark to stroke his cock for him. Mark seems a bit shy at first and awkward like he isn't sure where to start, but once he got started he yanked on that crank with a talented hand.When Kevin asks him to give him a blowjob he hops right down on his knees and goes to work making Kevin moan and give Mark instructions on how to blow him just right. It isn't long until Mark is stroking and sucking him and then Kevin grabs his own cock and jerks on it until he explodes while Mark licks his balls. He even makes Mark lick his cock after he cums to clean it all up for him. Then its Kevin's turn to jerk on Mark and he does such an excellent job that Mark explodes his load all over his flat toned stomach.

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