Jt & Erik
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Welcome back to BoyGusher! We have JT & Erik in the house with us today and these are some damn hot guys. We didn't get an interview with them they were to horny to chat, they just begin to strip each other out of their clothes. Just wait till you see them in their black boxers. Today is JT's turn to be driven nuts by Erik's talented hands and mouth. He doesn't waste any time he goes right to JT's hard cock and begins to suck and jerk as Erik tells him how good it feels to have his mouth wrapped around his dick. He moves JT around a bit and finds his perfect spot to suck and eat that dick. He even puts him between his legs and jerks on his cock as he moans and groans ready to cum and just waiting for that intense explosion of release. That is when Erik takes his time slowly teasing that dick as JT whines and moans waiting to cum his hips pumping up and down in Erik's hand. It doesn't take long for JT to explode his load after that and Erik promptly tells him that it's his turn. I can't wait to see how JT returns that cumtastic explosion with Erik.

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