Chad & Alek
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In this update we Chad and Alek with us. Chad is gay, but Alek isn't so it should be interesting to see how the straight guy does naked with a gay guy looking for a hard dick. I told Chad to go ahead and start on Alek's cock and he went to work his mouth sucking up that dick. His pierced tongue doing a number on that hard cock as Alek sits back and moans. Alek puts his hand on Chad's head and helps him gobble that dick up and down. Then it was Alek's turn to give Chad some attention. For a straight guy he didn't seem to bat an eye going down on that dick and swallowing it whole. Chad is enjoying the lip action that Alek is giving to his cock.He is moaning and groaning as Alek adds some hand action to his mouth work. Then Chad goes back to Alek, his own cock in his hand stroking as he sucks Alek's dick. He deep throats that hard cock over and over again as Alek takes over stroking his dick. Then they reverse roles and Alek is once again sucking Chad's dick as Chad jerks on Alek's dick. With all this jerking and sucking going on it doesn't seem to take Chad long before he is busting a nut and exploding his hot cum all over. Then it was Alek's turn to explode his boy gusher for us and of course Chad gave him some aid. They both jerk and stroke his cock until his cum splashes his stomach coating it in white spunk.

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