Cody & Angel
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What do you get when you put two horny boys in a room with lube and a camera? An extreme jerk session. Cody and Angel are the two hot, horny guys that we put into a bedroom by themselves. They might be a little sunburned, but these two horny guys don't let that stop them in the least. It doesn't take them long to begin to strip in fact Angel helps Cody out of his clothes. Angel goes right to work grabbing the lube and using it on the already hardening dick of Cody's. You can see that Angel is very talented with cocks as he has Cody moaning almost immediately. He takes his time building Cody up and making him pump and jerk as his hands do some super magic tricks with that cock he has in his hands. He has to use both hands when that dick gets rock hard because it is so thick and big and throbbing in his hands. He moves around behind Cody never leaving him alone and continues to jerk his cock from behind, at this point he doesn't let go until he feels Cody jerk and pump his dick exploding his hot boy gusher all over the place.

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