Sean Smith Pt 2
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We loved Sean Smith so much that we had him come back for some more of our sexual trickery, this time we really got into it. This time we had him blindfolded and played around with him, tying him up and well you'll see! We quickly tied up this red headed boy to a chair and then began to strip off his shorts. He was pretty easy he helped us by lifting up his ass so we could pull them down. We took a few moments to enjoy his undies and play with his nipples as he clenched his teeth together refusing to let out the moan he was stifling. He couldn't keep that moan in for long as he continued to play with his smooth chest and nipples. It was no surprise that when we pulled his undies to the side his dick popped out rock hard and ready for us to stroke. God that big thick dick feels so good when you jerk it and hearing Sean moan just adds to the pleasure. After teasing that big dick and hearing him moan we pulled out a toy to stuff onto his cock as he continues to moan and groan in pleasure. We couldn't leave that hard dick alone and took off the toy to go back to nature and stroke that dick with our hands making him moan even more as his balls clench up ready to explode and when he does that jizz just flies like a sprinkler in the middle of summer.

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