Kolton & Josh
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Lets welcome back our two friends Josh & Kolton. Last week we left these two watching porn but Kolton forgot about the porn playing as his buddy was skillfully stroking his cock that made him bust. Josh was super hard and between watching the porn and stroking Kolton cocks kept him hard and really excited that he was about cum anytime. Kolton then returned the favor and didn't leave his buddy Josh out in the cold. After he came, he then turned over and grabbed Josh's already hard cock in his hands and gently stroked his cock. Josh has a really nice strong erection and ready to bust. Being a good buddy, Kolton plays with Josh's balls and teases his cock. You can see the pre-cum oozing out as he gently strokes the cock. Josh almost busts his nut, but Kolton lets him feel that ecstasy build up a bit before releasing his buddies jizz. Once Josh calms down from the tease, Kolton continues his stroking on Josh's cock releasing his jizz and stroking his cock until all his cum has been let loose.

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