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Continued from last week, Mark finally woke up after I gave him his morning handjob session. After we ate breakfast and took a break, I then told Mark we are going to try something different. I told him we are going to film him using a fleshjack device and he was really interested. He saw it on the internet but never used it. I explained to him that only one condition, I have to blind fold and tie him up to a chair. He was okay with it. I had him undress to his undies and he sat waiting for my arrival. When I walked into the room he was waiting there in his undies and smooth tanned body. I then placed the cuffs and secured him to the chair and then blindfolded him. Once secured I gently rubbed his chest and fondled his nipples. I notice slowly he was getting turned on and his dick was getting hard. With my other hand I caressed his bulge and fondled his cock as it grew with every feel. I then placed my hand into his undies stroking his cock. Being semi-erect, I removed his underwear exposing his semi-soft cock growing with every touch. I got him nice a hard and then applied some lube onto his cock. At this point Mark was moaning and groaning. Being tied up and blindfolded you become more aware and sensitive to your surroundings. I continued to stroke and now his cock is rock hard. I then place the fleshjack and slide the device over his cock. Mark was really into the feel of the pressure and the sliding motion of the fleshjack being pumped onto his cock. With every stroke of the fleshjack, Mark's cock got harder and harder. I removed the device from his cock and precum was oozing out of his cock so I spread the precum around his fat cockhead stroke and teasing his cock and using my other hand to feel his balls. I would feel his balls and also turn my attention on feeling his sensitive nipples. As I continued to stroke using my hand and then switching back to the fleshjack, Mark was ready to explode as I removed the fleshjack device and took a my hand and firmly gripped his cock I continued stroking steady feeling his cock was ready to explode, Mark grunted and released jets of white jizz pouring and shooting out of his cock, what a boygusher Mark gave us today.

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