Mark Green
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My name is Mark Green and I'm 25 years old. 5ཇ and I have a 6.5 cut dick. I woke up today to start my first scene filming porn. I was super excited and didn't know what to expect. All night long I was hard just imagining have sex and being sucked off and fucking. I was so horned up that I couldn't wait so I decided to jack off. All night I was just dreaming about my cock being blown and my cock being stroked as my dick was pulsating I grabbed my dick and stroked my cock of the fantasy I had of someone sucking and licking my balls. As my hand stroked my cock faster I was imagining that I was fucking a tight hole and the friction of that tight hole was making my cock harder and harder. As I jacked my rock hard cock I can feel at anytime my cum was about to blast out. Not having sex for 3 days, my load was ready to blow and to my surprise, I took a firm grip and with an upward motion, my cum squirted out as my cum was flying over my stomach and dripping onto my hand. This is how I like to start my day!

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