Jacob In The Warehouse
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My warehouse needed some cleaning as I was rearranging the area for more boxes and needed to clear some space out. I hired Jacob to help me in the warehouse and he was working all day moving boxes and unloading trucks. I told Jacob to take break for about 10 mins and just chill out. I was going to get lunch and some cold drinks for him and I. Apparently while I was away Jacob decided to chill out alright by whipping out his cock and stroking it. He was checking out some pictures on the wall I placed up and I guess that triggered some reaction that he couldn't resist so he took off his shirt and stroked his hard cock, then he laid down on the futon and made himself a lot more comfortable by removing his pants and exposing his smooth toned boyish body. Jacob has a really hot cock with light blonde pubes an tight balls just waiting to release that hot cum. He continued to stroke and play with his balls until he let a moan and groan out and released his spurting cum as he jacked off his large cock. I returned to amazement that as I walked in with some lunch and drinks, he was laying there on the futon with his still rock hard cock and his fresh cum on his tight smooth stomach....to be continued!

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