Eric & Nathan
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Once Eric came he couldn't leave his buddy Nathan with that ranging boner. Like any good buddy would do, Eric then turned his attention to Nathan. Nathan couldn't wait and just loves it when his buddy Eric starting feeling his cock and started sucking but Eric is a bit more kinky and started to suck on Eric's cock and worked his way down to Nathan's tight pink whole and started to rim his ass with his tongue. Eric was really teasing and pleasuring Nathan's hole and Nathan loved Eric and they way he does oral. Between the rimming and the sucking Nathan's cock was rock hard and throbbing show some pre-cum as Eric licked it up. Eric didn't' stop there, he licked Nathan's body and sucked his toes working his feet. Nathan wasn't aware that Eric had a foot fetish so instead of sucking his cock, Eric stroked his cock while sucking on Nathan's toes. I guess Nathan liked it because Nathan was enjoying his foot fetish play as his cock remained hard. Eric then continued to work his way from Nathan's feet back to his cock as he sucked and slurped the cock in his mouth. Nathan was just loving it as his body tensed up and he let out a grunts and his cock stiffened up as his balls tighten, Eric continued to stroke and suck the cock until Nathan wasn't able to hold off and blew his load with cum ejecting from his throbbing cock and jets of white cum continued to spurt out. Once the orgasm was over, both boys just laid back down and relaxed a bit after there morning suck fest.

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