Alex & Damion
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Now that Alex is wide awake and up for the day. Damion is now horned up after sucking Alex's cock. Alex gets up and starts unbuttoning Damion's pants and dropping his pants to his knees. Alex is no stranger to cock and loves to blow long cocks. Damion is 5ཆ inches but when he dropped his pants and Alex whips out his cock, Damion has a huge 8.5 cut cock and getting harder by the moment. Alex takes a firm grip of the cock and jerks it a bit then he takes his tongue and teases the cock as it grows harder. With a few swirls of the tongue, Alex takes Damion's cock and slides it into his mouth sucking on it like there was oxygen in his balls. Alex is goes to town by slobbering all over Damion's huge cock. Alex then works his way down to his balls and starts sucking each nut while stroking the cock. Damion is loving his morning blowjob as he moans and tilts his head a bit to enjoy the feeling of Alex's warm wet mouth sucking on his sensitive cock. Damion gets a bit more comfortable and removes his pants and lays down on the bed and spreads his legs as Alex now sucks and jerks his huge throbbing cock. Damion's balls start to tighten up and his body tensions up a bit and you can tell the build up is coming. Alex keeps pumping the cock and it erupts into a huge load spurting and flying out of Damion's cock as Damion is breathing more intensely as the cum spurts out of his cock and keeps going like a fountain. This is a Boygusher you can't miss!!!

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