Zachary & Lucas Pt 2
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After Zachary blew and jerked of his buddy Lucas, poor Zach was harder then ever and his cock just wanted to fling out of his undies. Zachary is a really cute smooth twink boy that is 19 years old and always horny especially in the morning hour. Lucas didn't mind feeling on Zach's hard cock then removing his undies and placed his lips around Zachs hot cock. Zach just laid back and enjoyed Lucas's wet hot mouth and tongue teasing his cock. Zach's cock was so hard, this 19 year old has a nice cut 7" cock and smooth balls. Lucas didn't waste time and stroked the cock as he licked the balls which drove Zach crazy as his smooth toned body tensed up. Lucas made Zach squirm as he continued to suck and stroke the cock to the point Zach was on the edge and ready to cum. Lucas slowed down his efforts teasing Zach a lot more until Zach's body tensed up, his cock throbbing rock hard and releases his cum flying out of his cock. Spurts of hot jizz ooz's out of his cock while Lucas gets hit in the face with Zach's flying cum. A scene that is not to be missed!

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