Chad Black Edge Play
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Chad has been here before but made mention that he is into slow stroke session and having his dick teased for long periods of time. I tied him up removed his undies and started playing with his cock. I lubed up my hands and his cock slowly stroking and teasing his cock. I let go a few times watching his cock pulsate a few times and watch some of the pre-cum ooz out of his cock. I then grabbed the base of his cock and stroked upwards really fast bringing him to the edge and as I felt he was ready to pop his load, I let my hand off his cock which drove Chad crazy. Wanting to cum really bad, I was in control and would let him blow his load until I was ready. I then worked my way down to his balls, letting my hand off his cock I played with his balls and pressing my fingers on his taint just underneath his ball sac. His dick was throbbing and I can tell he was ready to explode so with my greasy lubed hand I started stroking his cock again with firm quick strokes bringing him to the edge and as I can feel he was ready to blow his load and his moaning got deeper I released my hands frustrating him to the point he wanted to cum so bad. As I was in control I wouldn't allow him to cum and give him that satisfaction so this time I grabbed his cock and I slowly stroked just the tip of his cock that really drove him crazy. His dick was so sensitive at this point anything I do would have drove him to the edge. Arching his back I stroked his cock hard and steady as he pumped his hips to the point my strokes became stronger and fast letting him release his hot jizz. He let out a strong grunt and his cock was rock hard in my hands and his piss slit opened up letting out spurts of cum shooting out of his cock. I continued to stroke as the cum kept on spurting and oozing out until every last drop was gone and emptying his balls. Once I finished I just let him relax and kept him tied up for the moment thinking I should return for another edge session and perhaps a ruined orgasm for his 2nd time.

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